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Thank you for your interest in joining the Last Hope In Space Corp,
below you will find some brief details.

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We Provide:
– A Friendly community
– 2 own Systems
– 9 Citadels
– 3 POS
– Industry for: mining ice, mining ore, mining moon, ship production, etc.
– Coalition and Alliance fleets
– High possibility of earning ISK
– Guide and support
– Rent cost 0!
– Tax 10%

Qualifications and requirements:
Your character is active for at least 6 months
To be active in game minimum 1 hour per day (Real life comes first though!)
– Honesty, loyalty, perseverance, conscientiousness
Always be prepared to fight

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We transform your vision into creative results

Last Hope In Space is a corporation in the the IGC Invidia Gloriae Comes alliance. All members benefit from playing together. We earn ISK and we increase our empire!

Especially sought players who deal with the industry:

mining ice mining ore mining the moon

Our Team

Last Hope In Space

CEO: certayne

Alliance: the IGC Invidia Gloriae Comes

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